| 26 April 2021

PSDI Economic Empowerment of Women Expert gives keynote presentation at Pacific Women Triennial event

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PSDI’s Economic Empowerment of Women Expert, Sarah Boxall, on 23 April gave a keynote presentation at a side event for the Pacific Women Triennial focused on strengthening Pacific ecosystems to empower women entrepreneurs and women in business.

Sarah presented preliminary data from an upcoming PSDI study into women in business leadership in the Pacific. The study’s preliminary findings show that private sector organizations in the Pacific are increasingly implementing a range of strategies to grow women’s representation in key leadership positions and are making crucial progress. For example, the regional average for women’s representation on boards in the Pacific boards is 22%, exceeding the global average of 17%.

Despite this progress, there are many countries, organizations, and sectors where women remain under-represented in leadership. 30% of boards in the Pacific have no women directors, and while women constitute 60% of CEOs of tourism organizations, many sectors continue to have no women in these positions. Additionally, while women are well represented in CEO and director positions in industry organizations, there are far fewer women in these positions in all other types of organizations.

PSDI will publish the full findings in a Women in Business Leadership report to be launched in the second half of 2021.

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