Papua New Guinea | 9 December 2019

PSDI and the Business Coalition for Women deliver Senior Women’s Business Leadership Program in PNG

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Participants in the Senior Women’s Business Leadership Program.

Under-representation of professional women in leadership and senior management roles constrain women’s opportunities, impedes cultural change, and undermines the capacities and credibility of companies and institutions in the public and private sectors.

To help more professional women in PNG reach their full potential, PSDI is working with PNG Business Coalition For Women to deliver the Senior Women’s Business Leadership Program. Through mentoring and training on topics such as corporate governance, risk management and contract law, the program is helping women leaders from some of PNG’s leading businesses prepare for leadership roles.

Program participant, Sharlene Gawi says “more women in leadership means a diversity in representation, and filters through to a diversity in solutions. We’ve got a lot of smart, capable and brilliant women; but some of them are just lacking the confidence in what they can bring to the table and what they can offer.”

Fellow participant Michelle Mulo, who is a quantity surveyor, works in the construction industry and is one of very few women in this sector. She says “For me it’s very important that I’m seen, I’m heard and I’m not just one of the gang. Getting women in leadership roles gives women the opportunity to be seen and to be heard. Empowerment is not just about having equal status, it’s about having a voice.”