4 September 2020
Investment Promotion Authority and PSDI to make doing business in PNG easier

The Investment Promotion Authority, Department of Treasury, and PSDI illustrated their continued partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on 2 September 2020 designed to make doing business easier in PNG.

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24 August 2020
PSDI-supported National Competition Policy endorsed by the National Executive Council in PNG

Papua New Guinea (PNG) now has a National Competition Policy which aims to improve economic efficiency, promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and increase consumer welfare through the promotion and maintenance of fair and effective competition in all markets in PNG’s economy.

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10 July 2020
Cook Islands passes PSDI-supported COVID-19 Economic Response Act

The Parliament of the Cook Islands passed the PSDI-supported Covid-19 Economic Response Act on 2 July, intended to assist businesses in the Cook Islands that are affected by COVID-19 to continue trading, preserve their economic value, and retain employees.

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6 July 2020
New Zealand provides $4 million for PSDI Phase IV

The Government of New Zealand has committed to providing $4 million* in additional funding to the Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) to continue efforts to make it easier for people in the Pacific to start and grow their businesses.

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29 April 2020
Fiji’s Public-Private Partnership Guideline Endorsed by Cabinet

The Cabinet of Fiji last week endorsed a new Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Implementation Guideline, designed to support the implementation of the PPP Policy 2019. Both the guideline and the policy were prepared with PSDI support.

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4 March 2020
New loan product developed for women farmers in Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea

In Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea, a group of women produce growers will soon be able to access the finance they need to increase their productivity and grow their businesses, thanks to an innovative new loan product developed by Women’s Micro Bank (WMB), NKW Fresh Produce, and PSDI.

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